GUNNAR Optiks Catalyst Sheadog Eyewear [Review]

Today we are going to review an eyewear – the GUNNAR Optiks Performance Eyewear that could help the wearer (in this case, you) to combat the Digital Eye Fatigue or DEF and Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). The eyewear, especially the lens did come with arrays of cool feature such as:

  • diAMIX lens Material
  • i-FI Lens coatings
  • fRACTYL lens geometry
  • iONik lens tints
  • and so on

But do they really works? I spend countless hours each day staying in front of my laptop watching the cool gadgets rolls in. I’m sure I’m one of the guy who must join the force to combat the DEF and CVS to protect my eyes. So, after introduced by Jennifer Michelsen, the Co-founder of GUNNAR Optiks, I test it by wearing it about several hours since my the package arrived at my desk. Below is all about my experience written in a simple language, I hope it will be useful for you.



GUNNAR optiks comes with a very sturdy black case to protect the glasses. As you’ve seen in the picture, GUNNAR optiks also comes with a carrying pouch that could act as the glasses cleaner. It did surprised me that the sturdy case looks more expensive than the eyewear! :) Well, probably not. But the package looks professional.

I have to be honest, The GUNNAR Optiks is good. But with certain value to be accepted before you can rate it good for your eyes. Personally, GUNNAR Optiks is not suitable for my eyes. The first day the eyewear arrived at my desk, I wear it and I ‘nay’ on it.

The reason, perhaps it’s not the fault of GUNNAR Optiks. I suffer from a critical “Eye Floater” disease, so whenever I see ‘Contrast’ light, I can see a bunch of wire-like creatures dancing in my eyes.

Perhaps that is the sole reason for me to decline this eyewear. GUNNAR Optiks has a yellow tint lens color which turn all your vision into a urine-like scenery. GUNNAR Optiks claimed that the lens could immediately increase the contrast and clarity of our vision. I have to admit that. It did makes things easier to read, our eyes feel ease and less tension on the nerves.

But thanks to my illness, I can’t enjoy the yellow scenery any longer because the contrast color immediately make my “little creatures” in my vision become even clearer. So I’m not recommended this eyewear for you who share the same ‘pain’ with me! 😉

Well, Perhaps this is only me. I gave it to my brother and he said he had a better vision when reading a bunch of text via his LCD Monitor. I’ve also found lots of positive reviews over at Amazon and from some of my friends blog. They said it’s not suitable for far-viewing but have a super vivid vision when working in front of a monitor, Improved vision, decreased eye strain, or about the good design of the GUNNAR optiks.


I have to agree that the GUNNAR Optiks eyewear frame design that come to our desk is excellently built. Very light-weight, when you wearing it as if not wearing anything, the nose pieces also adjustable to fit your face, and GUNNAR optiks also accepting prescriptions program through VSP approved doctors to make a fit lens to suit your eyes.

The Sheadog series that we have here cost $119 a pop. And there are other version available with price starting from $90 to $140.

If you are interested to find out more, you can either go to GUNNAR Optiks site, or go to Amazon to find the feedback of other users.

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