OTOY Project – Play Crysis on Cell Phone Made Possible


Soon we will be able to play games via our large screen size cell phone similar to iPhone, Samsung Omnia, HTC Touch, or Sony Ericsson Satio. How is that possible? Well, you have to have thanks to the OTOY projects, which has made this stuff possible for us. Before anything, watch the following video:

Crysis is the game for testing out new hardware released in most of tester testbed. And it’s impossible to run cell phone limited resources and power. So how is this stuff possible? Of course, by server-side rendering service that will stream the graphic video to your cell phone without being processed by the cell phone itself.

All Graphics processing is performed on a remote server and video is streamed to the phone. Which this kind of technology, playing high-end games on Cell Phone is no more a dream. In the video, the Crysis game is played using Samsung Omnia browser without anything else except the Xbox 360 wireless controller.

Sweet, as a gamer, this is something I want the most. Let’s see when it will launch and ready for gamer to bash on.

(via Gizmodo)

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