Shuttle Unveils X50 Barebone All-in-One PC


Check out this cool released by Shuttle the renown Barebone PC manufacturer. They already have the Slim version last two weeks and now they have got another cool baby in their product line – the Shuttle X50 Barebone Nettop!


This PC is actually an All-in-One PC by Shuttle, and I believe this is their first AIO PC. The Shuttle X50 Barebone PC is powered by Intel Atom 330 dual core processor, have a good 15.6 inch touchscreen display, minimum RAM of 512MB upgradable to 2GB, choose either HDD or SSD storage device, 1.3MP Webcam, built-in card reader, Gigabit LAN, WiFi, internal speaker, microphone and so on.


Shuttle X50 Barebone All-in-One PC will be priced at €361 and up depend on what specs you need.

(via SlipperyBrick and GeekyGadgets)

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