Funky Wristband Nooka UNDRCRWN Watch

Nooka watch is one of the popular entry in our 8 head scratching and Eyes Spinning Hardest to read watches, If you haven’t read that, go there for a little head spinning. :)


Well, Now Nooka has a new varian called Nooka UNDRCRWN watch. UnderCrown? Well, I’m not sure. But all I know is the watch gets a funky strip color wristband treatment (Polyurethane band and black ZenV display) and it has a different mechanism with the previous Nooka watch. It measures in 35 x 35 x 10mm with the wristband width of 28mm. What special is this Nooka UNDRCRWN watch is only available in 200 units, which make it a limited timepiece, sold at $275 and going to start shipping on this June 29th for those who have pre-ordered.


Care to own one? If yes, go ahead to Nooka to place your money on the table.


(via 2Dayblog)

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