Colorware Color Treatment for iPhone 3GS

After colorizing Kindle 2, Colorware has coming with their service for iPhone 3GS. Now, you can send your iPhone to colorware and gets your iPhone 3GS turned into a blazing red color for $150. I’m not sure if I would get one, but $150 is certainly expensive for me. 😉


One more addition is that Colorware will not only colorize your iPhone 3G S, but as well as your earbuds will get the treatment. The blazing red color is only one of many color you can choose from, and you can choose from two color styles (Solid Style and Metallic Style). Here is my personal ‘weird’ color combination example of how you can blend the color by yourself:


All for $150 + additional color fee. You will see the total price you must pay at the right sidebar after you’ve customize it to suit your style.

(colorware via ChipChick)

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