Mili Pro Projector to Turn Your iPhone into a Projector!

Believe it or not, now such a gadget has become available for iPhone lover. Mili Pro Projector is an ultra mobile and portable projector, measure in about a double iphone thickness and a little bit larger than iPhone length, this Mili Pro Projector capable of punching 40-inch projected TV on your wall in a snap!



Words says that it can project up to 70 inch display on your wall, but if you need to get the maximum and best quality, 40-inch is probably the reasonable size within a reasonable length. Mili Pro itself is actually shaped like a clam shell cell phone, greatly designed with a cool straight blue line coloring this black-driven gadget.


Beside it can host your iPhone / iPod Touch, Mili Pro Portable Projector also provided a VGA and AV ports for external sources such as DVD player, PC or other compatible video gadgets. The maximum supported resolution is only 640×480. Mili Pro Projector should be available this September at the price tag of $300. We’ll update it for you when it has become available.

(via DVice, the Cool Gadgets, Tech Fresh)

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    This would be a lot more interesting if they had pics of the actual projector and not just some 3D renderings, but I it seems like that’s also what they’re using for their current product son their website. Personally I find this setup restrictive… something like the AAXA P1 ( ) has been out for a couple months, offers more features, and doesn’t force you to have your iPhone sitting on the projector. That’s a much better setup for most people since they’d want to be able to control the playback through the iPod/iPhone without having to keep walking up to the projector/stand.

    Not to mention the terrible keystone correction needed on anything but a perfectly level surface…. mehh

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