MotorCycle? Car? No, It’s a MotorCycle SideCars

This Motorcycle Sidecars by François Knorreck is truly amazing. The Sport Motorcycle attached at the left side of the sport car is pretty like a dummy that does nothing but as a styling purpose.



François Knorreck took more than ten-year equal to 10,000 hours of work to finish this amazing sidecar with gulfwing doors. Cost as much as 15,000 euros to built this car, but it has a cool 1000cc engine, has three exhausts, some Volkswagen Golf GTI style, Audi 80 and Citroen Xantia car model blended in.

There is no way you could have this unless François Knorreck want to sell it to you (well, probably not for his entire life!). 😉

(via LikeCool)

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  • emman

    this is a sidecar that has a roof and a shield

  • don

    sick bike man

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