Sanyo Eneloop Lamp: 3-in-1 Coolest Flashlight Lamp

If you ask me what is the coolest lamp/flashlight for this month, I would answer you with this latest Sanyo Eneloop Lamp code name ENL-Y1S. The reason is because this lamp is not just a lamp. It has a flashlight, and it also has a ‘Healing light’ that can generate a soothing healing ambiance with its built-in blue lamp.



To turn this Sanyo Eneloop Lamp into a LED flashlight is as easy as tilting the lamp 90 degrees similar to the picture below:


Sanyo Eneloop Lamp is actually a 3-in-1 lamp gadget. First, it will act as your Interior light decoration (see picture one above) with 2 mode selection (clear Mode and Fade Mode).

Second, Sanyo Eneloop will generate a blue ambiance ‘healing light‘ effect for your at the night time (see picture 2), and the last one is as your flashlight when you lift it up. No need to push any button to turn it into flashlight because it has a built-in acceleration sensor. It will senses movement and can automatically turns on the flashlight so you can pretty much rely on it when in emergency situation.

Sanyo Eneloop Flashlight lamp will going to hit the market on this September 11th. But no pricing information yet until today. We’ll update it once it has become available.

(via I4U)

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