Security Guard Keyfinder – Best Assistant for the Absent-Minded Geek

security-guard-keyfinder-keychainIf you are the type that often forget where you have been placing your keys or something important and small, this Security Guard Keyfinder will help you find them. Well, the security guard here is not a moving gadget, it’s just a doll-like cartoon security officer that will shout “I’m over Here” when you whistle through your rooms. It make searching a lot easier and convenience. But for you who can’t even make a noise with your mouth and lips, this little security guard keyfinder is not for you.

No need to be an expert in whistling, a simple one should do. Well, if you fell confident with your whistle, go ahead to Thumbs Up UK to get it for £7.99 or about $13.

(ChipChick via Foolish Gadgets)

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