Silverlit Heli-Mission RC SWAT Truck Toy

I always love the toys from Silverlit, especially their RC toy that is very cool and awesome (such as iWing / iFairy or iBird). Now, Silverlit has just released a better RC toy, 2-in-1, a Helicopters inside a SWAT Truck called “Heli-Mission SWAT Truck“.


RC cars and RC Helicopters are perhaps the best toys around. Thanks to Silverlit you can now play with both together in the form of the Heli-Mission RC SWAT Truck that hides an RC helicopter in the back of it.

— by Matt at Gadget Venue

This Heli-Mission SWAT Truck is the coolest RC toy we’ve met so far. I’m not sure if you would like it or not, but I would get one if I have the spare money to spend. It’s very cool because both RC – the SWAT Truck and Helicopter is controllable. The SWAT Truck has a sirens and headlights and running lights, Full function control and it has an automatic truck door open/close ability.

Once the Heli-Mission SWAT Truck open up, it will turn to Helicopter Mode automatically and the SWAT Truck will stay on the position. The Helicopter have up to 3 channels control, Auto stable and precision speed while floating freely in the air.

Here is the video demonstration:

The Heli-Mission SWAT truck will be available next July and cost around $100.

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