Asus Blu-ray USB Drive With X Cross Illumination

Be cherish, if you are the type that love the on-the-go video entertaining, ASUS has allow you to watch your HD video on your Blu-ray disc thanks to their latest portable and USB-powered blu-ray drive!


As you’ve seen above, this ASUS Blu-ray USB Drive has a really ‘cool’ cross X iluminated the case. It makes the drive looks futuristic and cool. Code name SBC-04D1S-U, this portable blu-ray drive has a good 4.8x read speed for BD-ROM/RE to prevent slow Blu-ray disc loading time, and it also comes with a copy of Cyberlink software (probably something like PowerDVD or Power2Go) to play your video. It will support most laptop, but it can only deliver the HD content to LCD Screen that have either HDMI or DVI (HDCP) port.

(ASUS via TechFresh, iTechNews, SlipperyBrick)

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