I-O Data Release NAS-like 3TB External Hard Drive

I-O Data has just released their latest NAS-like External Hard Drive with super HUGE storage capacity. The total capacity that you can gain from this HDC2-U external hard drive is 3TB, consist of 2 HDDs with 1.5TB each. It looks strong enough, but sadly it’s not waterproof or fireproof or even shockproof like SentrySafe.


I-O Data 3TB external hard drive features USB 2.0 interface, comes with dedicated passive cooling system / no fan attached, and it will be priced at $527 or 50,900 Yen. I-O Data will launch it first at Japan in this Mid-July, let’s hope we can get a close-up views until then!

(via SlipperyBrick)


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  • Stewart

    We just bought an ioSafe 1.5TB Solo. It’s a fireproof waterproof drive. It’s not shockproof though.

    • Shockproof is very important because the hard drive is still a disc rotary type (not SSD yet). Even it’s fireproof and waterproof, if the hard drive drop from table to the floor will causing failure (especially the needle head). But let’s hope there will be no disaster again. Peace to the world! 😉

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