Logitech Ultimate Ears 700 Noise-isolating Earphones Launches in Korea


Again, Korean get to enjoy an ultimate gadget before anyone else. Logitech has launched their so called “Ultimate Ears 700”, the Noise-isolating earphones that looks whitely plain and compact.

logitech-ultimate-ears-700-noise-isolation-earphones-in-useI’m not sure how is the quality of this Ultimate earphones. All I know is the earphone comes with various size of ear cushions from small to large, made with soft-silicone so it won’t hurt your ears when wearing it for a long time. This Logitech Ultimate Ears 700 Noise-isolating earphone supports passive noise-isolation of up to 26 dB, while other specs remain unknown. Pricing and availability also remain unknown until now.

(via AVING)

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