PlayStation iPhone Case – Tease Gamer to Get One

Are you a gamer? If so, you have to resist your urge to buy this super cool iPhone case if you have already had one. But could you really hold the temptations?! :)


Just by looking at it, my soul has begin to shouted “I want one!” although I don’t have iPhone to skin on. Well, this playstation iPhone case looks really cool in my gamer’s eye, as this classic console has become my childhood soulmate that I played with everyday since kid. It’s a handmade, the disc cover can be opened to stuff your iPhone in. It also comes with a keychain-like ornament (a PS1 controller actually).

The only downside is perhaps you have to remove the case before you can use it, no access to the touch screen directly, so probably they should call it a ‘Pouch’ for iPhone.


PlayStation iPhone Case is only $20 + the keychain $7. You can get it (won’t you?!) at Etsy.

(via Gizmodo)

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