Sony NAS-Z200iR Audio System with a Cool Remote Control


It’s rare for a gadget to have a cool remote control as the main attraction. Sony Latest Audio System, the NAS-Z200iR, id a DLNA-certified audio system means you can let it work together with other DLNA certified gadgets in your home. The NAS-Z200iR is a WiFi-enabled system and it has a slot-loading CD plus iPod dock at the center. The overall look is pretty common, but the remote control talk in different tune.


This rechargeable remote control features a huge 3.5-inch LCD Display, way larger than the iPod display itself, and it act as the full control over all devices connected to the Z200iR. Looks amazing, but this Sony Z200iR will cost you as much as $1000 or €699 to own one.

(via BBG and Engadget)


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