Fly-catching LED clock Self-Powered with Bug Corpses

This is disgusting, but it’s also brilliant. this LED clock is a timepiece that will capture bugs (flies, mosquitoes, etc) with its roller filled with sticky paper and it has a ‘stomach’ that capable of digesting the bugs corpses into a microbial fuel cell and become the power for the LED clock.


Design by Jimmy Loizeau and James Auger, they have made bio-fuel from corpses, which I think there will be a future development to for other gadgets so they can actually self-powered without external sources such as Solar power or battery power. This is certainly a new way for generating power, but the only downside is your home should have enough bugs flying around so the clock will have enough corpses to digest. :)

(SlipperyBrick via TechChee, Geeky Gadgets)

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