H2Go Fuel Cell Car is a Hybrid Hydrogen Solar RC Car

H2Go Fuel Cell Car might not be the first solar powered RC car we’ve ever seen. The Solar Robot Kit is one of them actually. But RC car that powered by Electric Hydrogen extracted from water is pretty sure the World’s first. H2Go is a Hybrid Electric Hydrogen Vehicle (or Remote Control toy), that is battery free and zero-emissions. All rely on the power of sun, and the amount of hydrogen inside the balloon like container in the car to move around.


The H2GO Hybrid Electric Hydrogen Vehicle is the result of five years of research and development in next-generation energy technology, energy management, and aerospace propulsion systems. This battery-free model scale RC car is a real working version of laboratory vehicles running on renewable and zero-emissions hydrogen fuel. Refuelable, this RC vehicle runs on energy from the sun and water, and combines fuel cells for cruise power, and fast-charge super-capacitors for speed. The result: a fast-moving fuel-cell car that even has a battery-free remote!

H2Go Fuel Cell Car also comes with its own ‘fuel station’ or ‘Hydrogen Station’ to recharge the car with new hydrogen gas generated from Water. Since it produces gas, any type of fires or flames should not be around when recharging to avoid explode. So it’s advisable to not getting this RC car for you underage children unless you can supervise them.

You can get this H2Go Hybrid Fuel Cell Car for $147.95 with $2.05 discount at DiscoverThis.

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