Patterned and Fashionable Earphones Available in Japan

Earphones is a audio hardware, the word ‘hard’ has transformed the device into a non-feminine and women who love to wear them looks more ‘chic’ instead of ‘beautiful’. Perhaps Japanese researcher has seen this dilemma, so they have made a special, fashionable earphones for the ladies to gives more ‘beauty’ edge for them.


Well, it’s not exactly limited to ladies, the arrays of product showing not only feminine design, but also the punky styled motive could be a good choice for men. It’s purely a tech-fashion matter and taste, people might just want the old fashioned earphones instead of this flashy design. But since this stuff is produced in Japan, us who live outside of this holy land of gadget will have a high probability to never enjoy such a fashionably earphone, except someone in our country product their own one.

However, we can still have a hope to own the exact piece of earphone if importer such as GeekStuff4U or JapanTrendShop pick the product up. If that ever happen, the price mark will be close to $21 a pair + shipping and tax fee. Well, all you can do is to pray, or let’s just find the alternative (I’m sure there will be one) in the future.

(via Coolest Gadgets)

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