Error: Dell Sells 19″ LCD monitors for just $15 in Taiwan

dell-logoError in Dell site causes Dell to sold 19-inch LCD Monitor for just $15. This is really a great deal for those who don’t know the fact that the site is having a major glitch. In Taiwan, exactly on June 25th is the nightmare for Dell (well, at least it is) because of this glitch. There are 26,000+ buyer from Taiwan alone ordered 140,000 of LCD Monitors because people think it’s a MEGA deal by Dell. Which mean 1 people bought average 5 to 6 LCD monitors for the price of one Monitor (actual price). Who the hell is going to miss such an opportunity?! :)

Thanks to this error, Taiwan’s Consumer Protection Commission received almost 500 complaints and Dell must honor the error by giving a ‘special’ discount rate for the customer who bought more than one monitor. If not, Dell will be going to the court because Taiwan’s CPC will assume Dell has violated the free trade laws in Taiwan.

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