Tasteful and Stylish USB Necklaces

It’s so rare to have a tasteful USB drive unless you pay for whole lot of money to make one for yourself. But recently, a company has introduced us to their sylishly luxurious USB Necklaces for both men and women and the USB necklace is marked with the gender symbol.


Integrating the Jewel in the middle of the symbol is the main point that allow this USB necklace to have the luxurious touch. The symbol is coated in gold color, no clue if the gold is a real or fake. The USB Necklace is crafted by Etsy seller, as usual, the guys at Etsy network really have some talent in creating interesting stuff to tickles geeks. The USB Necklaces come in several size that you can choose, starting from the lowest 2GB to the highest 16GB. The cheapest (perhaps the 2GB size) is priced at $49.99, while the highest one is reaching $139.99 a pop.

(via Coolest-Gadgets)

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