Swiss Cross Flight Bag Looks Like a Retro Medic Bag

Etsy merchant/seller has another cool creation for swiss lover. AcmeBaggage, the seller herself has created this cool looking Swiss Cross Flight Bag, that in my own perspective, it looks like a retro medic bag.


“Inspired by the promotional airline bags of a bygone era. All Acme Air Flight Bags are entirely made of newer and vintage leathers (like, from the 80’s) that was amassed over several years by someone who might be a bit of a packrat and sewn by me (the aforementioned packrat) in a tiny studio in Oakland, California.”

“Sewn by me” it means this nice looking yet simple swiss cross flight bag is a handmade bag. Though it might cost a little bit expensive at $165, I think you who love Swiss would want to grab one of this.


(via LikeCool)

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