TechFashion with iLive Portable Boom Box Dock Purse-like iPod Dock

Living with TechFashion is nowadays trend for gadget lover or techno-geek. The latest techfashion offers by iLive is for ladies, because their recent updated iPod Boombox has a purse-like design and multi-color selection.


iLive Portable Boombox was first introduced two years ago, and after the renewal it looks cooler and has an added functionality for docking your iPod/ iPod Touch all generation. Sounds like a great deal, so you can still have one even your iPod is the oldest generation. iLive Portable Dock also comes with Radio IB109P, can connect to any external music via AUX jac, AM/FM tuner and there are up to 5 color selections starting from Black, Purple, Blue, Pink and White. You can find this iLive on sell via Amazon for $29.99 only.


(iLive Portable Boombox via ChipChick)

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