Sony Ericsson ‘Kiki’ with Transparent Screen is Coming Soon!

sony-ericsson-kiki-transparent-display-phoneTransparent screen? How transparent is it? If it’s as transparent as LG See-Thru LG GD900 cell phone’s keypad, that would be cool.

As you can see from the picture, Sony Ericsson Kiki is still a concept. But It’s highly possible that such a see-thru or transparent glass display will be exist in the near future. In the concept description, Sony Ericsson Kiki transparent display will allow images to be projected on the both side of the cell phone. Probably what you will get is a 3D-like display with images floating in the center. And as you may have figured out, the keypad is invisible. The concept said that the keypad will be visible only when the phone is turned on. Pretty much like a touch screen keypad because it has a smooth surface.

Well, let’s see if such a concept will be realized or not. Wish a good luck for it!

(Image Courtesy: via 2DB, Techfresh)

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