Luigi and Mario Bros Gets LEGO-lized

Funny, and that’s how crazy a fan will do with their favorite character. Mario was the first to get the LEGO treatment, transformed from a small figurine into a Large LEGO-built sculpture using 3D Scanner help by a Fanatic 3D artist. Here is what the look for Lego Mario:


Perhaps feeling not fair, one year later another artist also coming up with a huge Lego sculpture for Luigi, Mario old buddy.



Luigi LEGO Sculpture is composed of 80 layers of LEGO bricks and standing 77cm tall, while the Mario version is a bit shorter at 75cm only. But if we can get both of them standing together, it should be closely resembled the true ‘Bros’ from the game, but in a LEGO perspectives. It’s simply awesome for the die-hard fans.

(Mario Source: Walyou[2008] | Luigi Source: GearFuse[2009])

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  • michelle

    how much would it be to buy one of them?

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