Panasonic has new Camcorder with 240GB HDD!

I’m pretty a new fan to Camcorder as I’m planning to get one to record my holidays activity. I’ve doing a good research around and found most of Camcorder is lack in storage capacity especially the one with hard drive. But it seems there is some nice winds blowing from Panasonic, bringing their latest camcorder into my attention. Akihabara said that the new Panasonic Camcorder is going to have a huge 240GB Hard drive! Here is the snapshot of Panasonic HDC-HS350 Camcorder:


Well, I think it’s excellent because this Panasonic compact AVCHD camcorder has the famous 3Mos 10.6Mpix sensor and the 240GB capacity can store 100 hours of HD Video at 6Mbps (1440×1080) or equal to 31+ hours of HD Video at higher 17Mbps with max quality at 1920×1080. Pretty nice, I just hoping the battery will be able to sustain more than 2 hours or so. If not, you will need to recharge lots of time to fill the whole hard drive with your videos.

Panasonic HDC-HS350 Camcorder also allow you to record your movie and store it to your SDHC card (up to 32GB max) and it has a special feature – the IS or Image Stabilizer to prevent blur or ghost effects.

Pricing still unknown, but you should expect it to have a price tag about $1000 or above.

(via AkihabaraNews)

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