Trace of Time Clock with Built-in Eraser and Glass Board for Making Notes

I’ve seen quite lot of interesting clock lately, and this Trace of Time probably the best of the best for this month and probably could become the winner if there is a monthly competition for clock design.


Track of Time clock featuring a very simple single hour/minute hand and one note-able glass board so you can write down your important event on each hour(s) with your marker pen. The Clock will auto erase the notes when the hour/minute hand move over them because it has a built-in eraser in it.

It’s pretty innovative design by Il-Gu Cha. Trace of Time clock is kinda of “No Procrastination” Clock because all the events that you jotted down on the clock will be erased no matter if you do it or not.

It could be a trainer to make yourself become more discipline to your time and make everything looks irreversible. If you forgot, then no more chance for you. Unlike our yellow sticky notes that stick on our monitor and dashboard, we can procrastinate like crazy and says “I will finish the job tomorrow!” and repeat chanting spell again tomorrow. But with Trace of Time clock, it’s Now – or never.

(via CoolBuzz)


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