World’s Fastest Remote Control Car by Nic Case

Nic Case has built a world’s record breaker Remote control car in term of the Fastest RC car in the world. The Red Schumacher Mi3 Remote Control car can speeding up to 161 mph! Wow, that’s sound cool…!


Nic Case use up to 6 months to create this red devil, with total fo $4000 spent for the components. The Remote Control car has 11-horsepower motor, a 12-cell battery pack which usually for airplanes R/C, and Case also handcrafted a carbon-fiber chassis which could generate enough aerodynamic downforce.


But it seems Nic Case is still unsatisfied. He want to break another World’s record because his Ultimate goal is to create one Remote Control Car that can flash-moving at 200mph. Is it possible? Well, only God will know! We’ll wish the very best luck to Case on this challenge! :)

(via Coolest Gadgets)

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