USB Fingerprint Door Lock is an Advanced Bio-Metric Lock

The last fingerprint bio-metric lock we’ve seen was the bio-matic lock that could register up to 150 fingerprints. Now, Brick House Security introduce us to their latest security lock, the USB Fingerprint Door lock which capable of storing up to 1,000 user’s fingerprints and controlled using a special designed software!


Biometric locks have always been designed for multiple users, but the brand new USB Fingerprint Lock with Access Control is the first of its kind to provide records, preferences, and lock information accessible by USB key. All you need to do is insert the flash drive in to the bottom of the lock and the drive will instantly download all information including Audit Trails.

You can bring those records to your computer to see which employees have been entering and exiting, and when, and even export the data to an Excel spreadsheet. This is the perfect lock system for small business owners who want high level security without costly installation or set-up. Employers can keep tabs on who is entering and exiting their property, and when. Using an optional flash drive, you can quickly download all exit/entry information directly from the lock.

Additionally, by using the optional USB Fingerprint Scanner and PC management software, you can conveniently scan people’s fingerprint in from the comfort of your computer – instead of having folks line-up by the lock. You can also use the PC Management software to register users and set timed access controls for each individual. This is the ultimate set-up for employers and property managers who want to be take control of who is entering and exiting their property.

Small Business Owners will save a ton of money since there are no long term costs involved. They’ll never have to replace keys again! if an employee quits, they just have to delete their user access. Alternatively, the system can be programmed using the lock’s built-in keypad.

In my opinion, this lock will be able to used at its fullest if installed in a big company’s door. My house wouldn’t need 1,000 peoples to get bio-metric access. But perhaps for those who is running business such as providing VIP-only rooms might want to have this stuff installed.

This USB Fingerprint Door Lock is available at Brickhouse Security, but I can’t find what the price is. Will update again with the latest price if available.

UPDATE: The pricing for this USB fingerprint Door Lock from BrickHouse Security is $699.95.

(BrickHouse Security [Thanks Jason!])

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