i.Saw – The First USB Powered Portable Chainsaw

I’m not sure why you would use a chainsaw while computing, but such a gadget – I mean a USB powered Portable chainsaw is actually exist and will begin to ship on this Fall 2009! The name is i.Saw, the so called “World’s First” PC or Mac chainsaw which allow you to do your carpenter tasks while pounding on your keyboard. Well, how many hand do you have actually?! :)

i.saw - portable USB-Powered Chainsaw

i.Saw is PC and Mac compatible. Powered by a single USB port and it’s completely plug ‘n’ play in all USB port, yes any type of USB 2.0 port will do. So this somehow make sense. You can actually use something like power outlet to USB converter and user this i.Saw away from your PC/Mac. This USB-Powered technology turning i.Saw as the most energy efficient chainsaw ever made. You can seek for the further detail on this i.Saw, but before anything, have some “wow!” viewing the following video:

More Detail on i.Saw is available at USB Chainsaw.

(via Edward)

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