Hitachi SimpleNet: Transform USB Drives into NAS

hitachi-simplenet-turn-usb-drives-to-nasDo you think that you don’t have other option but to buy a Network Attached Storage (NAS) system as your network storage? The latest invention by Hitachi will set you free from relying the actually NAS system as your network storage. Hitachi SimpleNet is the device that will help you turning all of your USB Drives, such as flash drives or external Hard drive into your home network storage in a snap. Just plug in your Network cable to the ethernet port, and jack in your USB drive into the provided (two of them) USB ports.

At a mere $79, SimpleNet will connect your network and turning almost any external USB storage device into your NAS, with hot-swappable functionality. SimpleNet is actually design to work together with their SimpleTouch or SimpleDrive from Hitachi, but working with drives from other brand is also allowable. The only problem that will (probably) occur is the driver compatibility between your storage devices and SimpleNet USB-to-Ethernet gadget.


(via UberGizmo)

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