Lego Block Calculator for Geeky Lego-er

Lego-er or those who love to assemble and dissemble lego blocks might love this latest LEGO Block Calculator. It’s pretty cool, because the idea of this calculator is to turn all of the LEGO ‘buttons’ into the calculator buttons. Measure in 5.5″L: x 2.5″W x 1″W, this LEGO Block calculator is not the actual LEGO block size. So you don’t have to worry the buttons is too small to use.


If you are pretty picky in color selection, Lego Block Calculator provided up to 4 basic color selections for you, starting from Red, Blue, Green and Black.


One piece of this calculator gadget will cost you as much as $27 and it will be available in this August. If you think it’s expensive, a normal calculator will do fine for you actually. It’s all about the passion of the LEGO. If you are Lego-er, perhaps you will feel that the price is reasonable… :)

(Product Page via GadgetHeat)

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