Blue Octopus USB Laptop Cooler

So even a Laptop cooler has transformed into an Octopus? Well, not really an Octopus, but finally laptop cooling fan or cooling pad has revolutionized into something else instead of just a flat pad for cooling your laptop.


Over at UXSight, they have this unique foldable and portable Blue Octopus laptop cooler that you can virtually bring it anywhere because the size is small enough to fit in most bags.

This so called Blue Octopus USB laptop cooling pad is consist of 4 blue ‘tentacles’, that you can fold in and out to expand its reach. Measuring in only 189mm x 89mm x 18mm and weigh in 157 grams, this blue Octopus USB laptop cooler is a must have for those who live in hot area, and the price of $11.70 is also the reason why you should get one now. :)

Blue Octopus USB Laptop Cooler is available in several color stretching from Blue, Green and Black.

Product Page via Coolest-Gadgets


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    It is good style of the Octopus USB cooling. There are different cooling and style and design wise equipment.

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