Miyoshi: Stylish Wireless Keyboard with built-in Touchpad


Miyoshi, a certain new manufacturer from Japan has release a new wireless keyboard from their sleeve. This wireless keyboardi code name is TP-24G01, one of the most unique keyboard we’ve seen since Brando’s Slim Keyboard with Smart Touchpad. Miyoshi Wireless keyboard also feature in touchpad to the right side, while everything is built in a slim form factor.

Although it not as smart as Brando’s slim keyboard, Miyoshi has the stylish touch with glossy sleek coated the face which make it looks very cool and luxurious. Miyoshi TP-24G01 using 2.4GHz wireless capacity and 7 hot-keys for launching common applications such as web browser and email client. One thing to suspect on this keyboard is the left bar section. There is one white capsule stroke which I guess is a touch-sensitive volume control.


This Miyoshi Wireless Keyboard with built-in touchpad has already available in Japan for $108 or 9,980 Yen. No word when it will goes to US yet.


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