Easter Island Heads Ice Cube Tray Looks Funny

Easter Island Heads, which In my deepest impression is a funny stone talking head that you can find in the ‘Night at the Museum’ movie series. But thing is different with this Easter Island Heads Ice cube tray. It’s more useful than funny because you can use a team of them to cool down your hot beverages.


Created by WorldWideFred, and they call them the “Stone Cold” buddies:

“The Moai of Easter Island keep their watch over the Pacific with a cold, steely gaze. Now you can endow your tropical beverages with their mysterious aura and keep them icy cold at the same time. Our Stone Cold silicone ice tray is food-safe, dishwasher-approved, and packaged in a clear peggable, recyclable PET display box.”

This Dumb-Dumb buddies ice cube tray is going to be available this Fall season with undisclosed price. So you’ll have to wait for it if you want this “Dumb-Dumb, you give me Gum Gum” ice tray.

(via NerdApproved)

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