Samsung HMX-U10 10MP Portable HD Camcorder

Samsung has released their first portable HD camcorder that looks to be a good rival for Flip Mino or Flip UltraHD HD Camcorder. The code name is HMX-U10, the design is a little bit sexier than the flip camcorder. Samsung HMX-U10 already supported 1080p full HD recording with its super-detail 10 megapixel lens sensor, way better than Flip UltraHD which only supported 720p HD video.


Measuring in 56 x 103 x 15.5mm and weighs in 95grams only, this HD camcorder is very convenience to bring around especially when traveling. Samsung HMX-U10 HD camcorder will record everything to the SDHC card using H.264 codec but the total capacity is unknown yet. It has the same 2-inch screen size at the rear panel similar to Flip UltraHD, but it has more elegant touch on the look and feel.


Once you plug it into your PC, the built-in software will install Samsung’s Intelli-Share application to your system so you can edit or do extra task with your recorded video or photo. Samsung HMX-U10 will be going to the shelf on this September in US with price tag of $200.

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