Alienware M17x Gaming Laptop Special Edition now Available!

Nice work for Alienware in releasing their latest ‘Nebula Red’ Theme for their Alienware M17x gaming laptop which treated as a ‘special edition’ by adding $99 to the base-pricing.


If you have no clue about what an Alienware M17x gaming laptop, here is a little refresh information for you.

Alienware M17x gaming laptop is a ‘monster’ in its class. It has a super thick measurement where you can find dual performance graphic cards installed (SLI-interface) and Intel Core 2 Quad Extreme Edition. You can see the summary with images at one of our post about Alienware M17x gaming laptop if you want more info.

This rocking gaming laptop has the base price of $1,795. So do your math adding $99 to the price if you want to get one of the Nebula Red themed Alienware M17x laptop.

(via Engadget)


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