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EXOvault Case – Stronghold for your iPhone 3GS

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EXOvault looks like a castle or a stronghold for your iPhone 3G/3GS because it’s purely made from 3 selectable metallic materials. The first 2 materials, Aluminum and brass will cost you about $95 to own one, while you will have to pay the triple of the price when you want to get the Titanium version ($300)!. EXOvault case for iPhone 3GS is a hand-made case by Brooklyn people. The shape looks sharp, edgy, but it should be able to protect your iPhone 3GS from knocks and drop, but not from dusts or liquids.


More Picture below, enjoy it and get one if you love the design at EXOvault.




(via TechChee, 2DayBlog)

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