Funny Orange Juice Maker – the UFO Intergalactic Juicer


Here is one crazy gadget for this weekend. If you have a good sense of humor, this UFP intergalactic juicer might be able to cheer up your cold weekend with your family. It’s nothing much, it’s just a orange just maker. Someone is just having the juicer turned into a spaceship or UFO with the alien as the juicer. In a second, the alien looks like an Ultra-man, with his sharp head ready to squeeze the oranges into juice with the help of your forcefully hand power.

UFO Intergalactic Juicer is available in 3 color choices of Navy Blue, Green and Pink. If you have spare money to spend on this crazy little Alien juicer, you can go to Amazon to get it. Price ranging from $13 to $15.

(via CraziestGadgets)

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