The Brand Keyboard with 26 A-to-Z Giant Companies Logos

Can you still type on your keyboard if all of the keys’ marking changes into something else, such as Brand names? Ignatio Pilotto, if you remember him (the one who design the Hare and Turtle Race Clock), he has come up with another brilliant idea for giant companies to promote their brand and subconscious-mind programming their users to remember the company’s symbol.


The Brand Keyboard, is a keyboard sponsored by everyone (Nice title, Jeff!), starting from A for Adidas to Z for Zippo.


The repetition of the logos used by the advertising psychology, causes us to systematically recognize the brands, getting us to recognize the logos rather than our own alphabet.“, said Ignacio in his blog and I couldn’t object the statement. This Brand Keyboard is purely symbols/brands driven and perhaps it is somehow distracting for newbie in typing. It’s a matter of habit actually. If you’ve already remember the position of each key properly, you can safely ignore the images and type as usual. But for newbies, this Brand Keyboard is kind of challenging in the first-use but they can overcome it when they have get over it.

(More at Ignacio’s site)

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