Averatec D1005 22-inch All-in-One PC


This black All-in-One PC is D1005, the latest Averatec AIO PC with 22-inch LCD display unit. It looks very cool and compact, similar to its previous version.

Averatec D1005 22-inch All-in-One PC is powered by quite fast Core 2 Duo E5200 at 2.5Ghz, 3GB RAM and built-in graphics. Yes, it’s only have a built-in graphics instead of dedicated GPU. So it might not suitable for 3D gaming and prefer to do tasks like word processing, light graphical editing, video encoding, or turning it to be a mini home theater. But no info whether Averatec D1005 All-in-One PC support HD video playback or not. Judging from the integrated graphic card, it shouldn’t be able to play HD video.

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