HiCan Bed Canopy – Motivates You to Never leave the Bed

If you wish to have a bunch of reasons to not leaving your bed for the whole day long, this HiCan Bed really-hitech bed canopy will help you reach that goal.


This HiCan Bed is an All-In-One Multimedia + Home theater + Adjustable bed. Equipped with a pull down screen to display your stuff via the projector above the ceiling. HiCan Bed was first presented at the Well Tech Village in Milan and Milan Design Week 2009, but now it seems you can order one for your home.



Inside you will found an integrated PC system with unknown specs, gaming console for having fun (I guess it’s XBox 360), comfy bed and automatic lighting options. It’s really a modern stuff for those with bornrich background.

Why? Because this HiCan Bed will cost you a fortune of $59,000+ or €42,000 (gross price, excluding shipping and installation fee), which is certainly not for middle earner or for those who live paycheck to paycheck.

But probably it could be a nice stuff to stick to your visionboard and make it as one of your ‘dream bed’. Quite a motivation if it’s for me. :)

(More Info: Unplggd)

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  • zachary

    we have just bought 2 for our home we had them up graded to have a mac pro and an integrated x serve the gaming system is an xbox 360 elite ours costed $68,895.00 each or the total was 137,790.00

  • Frazer

    Where can i buy one from?

  • @Zachary: Amazing! That’s one mindblowing furniture you’ve got there.

    @Frazer: I guess you should visit Hi-Can to find more information.

  • alysha

    i think its great im just not sure if its worth that much. i need to know if its comftable. Does it has alot of set backs. do you have to pay for it all at once. An if so what is it like.

  • saoirse

    i think its really cool

  • fariha

    hey the hi-can website doesnt open..all that appears is a blank page! any other website for this bed?

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