Pocket Surfer 3: The True Mobile Internet Device

Datawind has released their third version of Pocket Surfer on 9th of July and it’s now fully packed with features and new ability. It’s been a popular mobile internet device, PocketSurfer3 now has a big 5-inch 640×240 LCD screen and comes with touchpad mouse pointer at the top right corner.


PocketSurfer3 is now GPS ready, means you can use it as your GPS navigator and any other GPS related activity. You can use it to surf the web containing HTML and graphics, Java, but no word whether PocketSurfer3 to support CSS3 Styling or not.


Pocket Surfer 3 will be available soon on August for £199.99 with free 30 hours internet access, and there is an unlimited data plan if you are willing to pay additional £59.99 one time payment or £5.99 per month.

(DataWind UK)

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