Elecom Winding Mouse with Rubber-Made Cable Management

Elecom, the company who released the cutey Egg Shape mouse has come up with another perfect mouse as your traveler companion. The Winding Mouse or coded as M-MK1UR USB wired mouse is a mouse with integrated rubber-made cable management so you can hide the cable when it is not in use.



The new Elecom’s mouse will allow you to hide its USB cable under a natural rubber. Just wind up the cable around the mouse, and Voila! Perfect when you use to bring your mouse everywhere!

— by GeekStuff4U


Elecom Winding mouse also offers a series of 6 color selections. Starting from Black, Pink, Silver, Blue, Red, and White, with the blue color has a cute smiley face at the palm rest:

Elecom Winding Mouse - Color Series

You can get this unique Elecom winding mouse from Geekstuff4U for only ¥ 3,900 or around $42 (pre-order, will ship on late July).

(via Techfresh)

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