Hitachi SimpleTech SimpleTough USB Hard Drive is SimpleCool

In the post of Hitachi SimpleNet Device, we’ve mention about their SimpleTough external USB hard drive. Well, here it is, the SimpleTouch hard drive. It’s portable, rugged case, and it has a cool 3m drop-test which mean any kind of drop from within 3 meters will not going to damage the hard drive.



Hitachi SimpleTech SimpleTough USB Hard drive Features:

  • Plug n‘ play simple for instant USB drive access
  • Automatic backups with Hitachi Local Backup™
  • Complete, unbeatable protection with Hitachi Ultimate Backup™ online service (2 GB free)
  • Joggle™ digital content manager for easy tracking, sharing and publishing of photos, music, and videos
  • Rugged pocket-sized design
  • Drop and spill resistant
  • Velvety smooth texture for a secure grip
  • Durable and made for travel
  • Integrated USB cable
  • Free technical support
  • 3-year warranty

One purchase is actually worth the size of the capacity you choose + 2GB of free online storage provided by Hitachi (Hitachi Ultimate Backup). Although it’s only 2GB, you can use it to store very sensitive data that won’t go damage because of the hard drive failure.


And the most interesting feature Hitachi SimpleTOUGH has is the rugged body case which capable of withstanding a 1-TON truck rolling through it. I know such extreme condition is not going to happen (unless you are super-unlucky), but this proved that the TOUGH simply means TOUCH, not just there for cool effect for the brand name.

Hitachi SimpleTOUGH USB hard drives are currently available in three different sizes, 250GB, 320GB and 500GB and they are priced at USD$99.99, $109.99 and $139.99, respectively.


I’ve missed something important. Hitachi Simpletough is also having three color choices on each of the capacity. here is the detail:

  • 250GB Red Wine for $99.99
  • 320GB Blue Dusk for $119.99 and
  • 500GB Texture Black for $119.99


Thanks to Kevin at Neo Gadgets for the tip.

(Hitachi via Geeky-Gadgets, OhGizmo)

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