The New Hammacher R/C toy is also a Metal Detector

The last metal detector from Hammacher is a beach sandals plus some leg strapping device to help you find metal-stuff in a relax-method. Now, Hammacher has comes up with another metal detector system, but it’s in a fun R/C Car so you can actually having fun at the beach finding metal while driving the little dune car around the seaside.


You could control the car to move forward, lean backward, to left and right. More over, the metal detection system remote control range reaching 25′, so you could let it exploring a pretty large area without having to move around by yourself. Sensitivity level of the r/c metal detector system could also be adjusted to fit several types of terrain.

— by The Cool Gadgets

In the package you will found two plastic digging tools with 3 faux metal gold doubloons. You can use the faux metals as your practice/testing object to see if you can find them or not. Require 4 AA size batteries operates and it will lost its juicy energy 4 hours later.

If you are interested, you can find it selling for $49.95 at Hammacher.

(via TheCoolGadgets, Coolest Gadgets)

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  • Ronovich

    LOL…The New Hammacher R/C toy is also a Metal Detector is silly…no way. It won’t work.

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