$500 off for Dell Adamo Notebook


Last time when we reported the Dell Adamo in one of our post, the pricing is surprisingly high at 1,999.99 with minimum specification. Perhaps to help their user to reach this laptop easier, Dell has slashed down a whopping $500 for all Dell Adamo Notebook models. However, even after the slashed down the price remain high at $1,499, come with 1.2Ghz Core 2 Duo processor and Integrated graphic card only.

Perhaps the thing that made this laptop expensive is the 128GB SSD storage drive. If Dell has the option to get the Rotary hard drive, the price should be able to slash down a couple of hundred bucks. But the strong point of sales for Dell Adamo is the design that looks very chic and stylish. If you care for your lifestyle more than what the notebook can gives you, this is certainly a good deal for you.


(via Slippery Brick)

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