DataWind Intro UbiSurfer Netbook with GPRS – Definitely for Browsing only


DataWind has make another announcement on their new product – the UbiSurfer Netbook after their PocketSurfer3 Mobile Internet Device.


UbiSurfer is a special-made netbook for browsing and it’s equipped with Dual-bad GPRS and Sim Card slot. It has a 7-inch (800×480)screen size similar to a digital photo frame‘s screen, and it also has a Wi-Fi 802.11b/g for finding the nearest hotspot to go online. If all of the SIM card and Wi-Fi internet connection is unavailable, Datawind UBiSurfer also comes with Ethernet connections so you can plug in a LAN Cable and surf with it.


DataWind Ubisurfer has a minimum sum of memory, at 128MB RAM only and 1GB flash memory storage. I has a built-in Firefox as your browser, and Datawind’s web acceleration system. The downside that probably pretty annoying is that Ubisurfer can’t watch online video streaming or listening to an online podcast. This, I can say, is the major drawback for people and they’ll have to think twice before landing their GBP159.99 for this device.

(via Pocketlint)

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