Elecom 10-port USB Hub looks like a Power Outlet Strip


elecom-10-port-usb-hub-blackElecom, after the cool Winding Mouse released, another new gadget has been rolled out from their sleeve. This time, it’s an accessories for your PC or laptop – an uncommon 10-port USB hub that look similar to a power outlet strip.

If you are into a cute type USB hub, this Elecom 10-port USB hub (U2H-Z10S) is probably not for you. It has a plain design, a simple block with the USB ports lining up like soldiers making line. But if you are pretty a port-junkie, this 10-port USB hub should be sufficient for most of your USB gadgets.

However, this stuff is not cheap if you want to ask the price. It’s 9,500 Yen or equal to $101 in US of A. If you want some, you can contact GeekStuff4U.

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