Olive Opus Stereo with 2TB Music Storage


Olive is a music player with 2TB storage that allow you to store more than 500,000 music. This new Olive Opus Stereo will be able to convert your CDs music lossless FLAC format into the storage so you will never lost your song if the CD is broken or stolen.

Olive Opus Stereo has a touchscreen menu at the front side similar to the HP Photosmart printer‘s Touchscreen menu. This device will allow you to make your own playlists out of songs stored in the 2TB storage, playback wirelessly, and it also has an Internet radio function. 2TB is the largest option, there are two more options with smaller storage of 500GB and 1TB. The smallest one will cost you 1,499 (a price of one Dell Adamo!), 1TB for $1,599 and 2TB for $1,799.

(via SlashGear)

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