iLuv Unveils New Vertical 4CD/MP3 Hi-Fi Audio System

Yesterday iLuv unveils their latest Vertical Hi-Fi Audio system with 4CD/MP3 Disc trays dubbed as iLuv iMM9400. Although less and less user keep their songs on CDs, the audiophiles somehow still enjoy listening their song via CDs. But for you who doesn’t keep songs in CDs, iLuv iMM9400 have the digital music file playback feature to support future needs. It also have the iPod or latest iPhone 3G S docking station, two channel speaker, AM/FM radio tuner, SD Card slot and even a USB port for your external hard drive or USB flash drive.


We feel that music and home entertainment lovers will find this the perfect fit for their modern home with the sleek finish and wall mounting style as well as the sound quality of our patented jAura Soundcell Technology. This unit gives the ultimate music lover a multitude of ways to play their music from CD, MP3/WMA CD, iPhone/iPod, SD/MMC card, USB thumb drive and Aux-in jack to slotMusic file options.

— by Howard Kim, iLuv Marketing Manager


iLuv iMM9400 will be available next month for $249.99. Wait until then to see if we can find a video for it.

(via ChipChick and iTechnews)

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